Bethany and Lamar | Woodbury MN Photographer

This session was so much fun.  We initially had to reschedule because of rain (surprising for Portland, right?) and we ended up doing the photo shoot on Thanksgiving day.  I love my job so I certainly didn’t mind working on Thanksgiving!

I adore photographing children, but every now and then it is really nice to break away and do something different.  Bethany and Lamar were perfect models.   It’s like they’re professionals.

I have known Bethany for a few years because she works with my husband.  She and Lamar are just perfect for each other.  They are both incredibly sweet, genuine people.  They are also very nice to my little boy, so that’s the quickest way to my heart.

This is one of my favorite sessions to date.  I hope you love the photos as much as I do.  Thank you, Bethany and Lamar!

Christine Gorgeous!